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I have been an avid photographer as long as I can remember.  My dad was a photographer and would take portraits and then oil paint over them.  They were beautiful.  I loved to watch him take photos and he bought me my first high end camera.

Although my dad is no longer with us, my love for photography never ceased.  As the designated family historian, I love to document our lives through photos and would be honored to document your special moments, as well.  

This website shows just a sample of my work.  Some photographers believe that you can create anything in the editing process.  I believe that when you start with a solid photo containing good lighting, posing and focus, the editing is more authentic.  Most of the photos on my site are unedited.  I pride myself in creating quality photos from the beginning and then fine tuning them through editing.

I've been photographing special moments for 30 years.  I specialize in:

-Micro-weddings and elopements
-Portraits of families with children/adults with special needs
-Engagement photos
-Real estate photography

I reside in Wisconsin and work most of the Midwest area.  I do love to travel, so contact me if you are looking for a photographer for a destination event.

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